Fixed Quarters, a calendar proposal


  • Is a non-perpetual solar calendar.
  • The year begins approximately with spring equinox in northern hemisphere and autumn equinox in southern hemisphere.
  • The year is divided in 4 quarters of 91 days each.
  • Each quarter is divided in 3 months of 30, 30 and 31 days respectively.
  • At the end of last month of fourth quarter, is added the day 365, enumerated 32.
  • In leap years, also is added the day 366, also enumerated 32.
  • In the year, the quarters are identical except by days 32, added to last quarter.
  • The numbering of years is done according to the system Human Era or Holocene.
  • The week have 7 days.
  • Is a calendar proposal created by Mirla Leal Villoro.